Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Masters in Catholic Theology

Peace of the Lord be with you all. As some of you might already be aware, Dominic and I have embarked on our Masters in Theology. Yesterday was the 1st day of the course. Unknowingly and without making any prior arrangements we ended up attending the same evening Mass together. There were also other factors that pointed to the fact that we have actually made the right decision. It was not easy to embark on this program due to all the other challenges that we are facing and might continued to face in life.

We need your prayers. Please do lift us up daily.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catholic: Jesus is Alive

May the love of the Lord Jesus Christ bless your amazing hearts. I'm glad that I have this opportunity once again to update this blog. it seems that it is been more than a your since I wrote something on this.

nonetheless, it is great to update this blog once again. Now that I've got a new computer maybe I may be more inclined to update this blog or maybe not. well, time will tell.

Just to let you know, Jesus is truly alive and working in our lives even if you do not feel his presence. Let's continue to be faithful to our call just as God is always faithful.

God bless.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catholic Prayer

May the love of the Lord Jesus Christ penetrate our hearts today. May He guide and light up our path. May today be a day filled with blessings. May He continue to mold us everyday to his image and likeness. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to reach out to your people today. Holy Spirit guide my words so that it would be filled with your love. Make a difference today, Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catholic Prayer: The Love of Lent

Good morning Jesus, I praise and bless your mighty name, the name which is above all other names. It is truly a privilege that you have revealed yourself to me, a nobody. I marvel at your love, a love that knows no boundaries. A love that surpasses all understanding. A love that all of humanity with all its worldly wisdom would never be able to comprehend. So great is your love for unworthy creatures like us. I am truly  undeserving of such immense love. Yet you still choose to love me.

Trusting in your love, I come to you as I am because of the simple knowledge that you love me even through I would not be fully able to comprehend the depth of your love. You love me even as a sinner. Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love. There is no meaning in love unless love draws its strength for the source of all love: the Holy Trinity.

As I start lent this year, grant me the grace to dwell into the depths of your love. Reveal your love more and more to me so that I can be mesmerized by your love. May these forty days be days filled with love. Love for the Father. Love for the Son. And love for the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My family got together to give me a surprise birthday celebration today. Thank you all. You made my day.

From My New Home

Praise the mighty name of Jesus. I am glad to be able to start blogging again. It has been probably three weeks to a month since my last entry. As some of you might be aware I was busy shifting to my new home. The most demanding part of it is now finally over. It is not easy having to work with contractor, electrician, movers, etc. I am glad that most of the difficult tasks of moving this behind me now. Finally, I can go back to the routines of life.

I have to admit that one of the main thing that took a setback due to the moving was my prayer life. I’m not gonna make any excuses and I’m just gonna decide to continue developing my relationship with Jesus.

In a few hours time it’s going to be my birthday. Wow another year has passed by so quickly. Now being at the mid way point of my life all that I can think of is that there is not much time left. At the blink of an eye the earthly life that I am living right now will be gone just like over millions of life that has come and gone. I am wondering whether I would be proud of myself when I look back and read that chapters of my life. More importantly will Jesus be proud of me.

The worldly values that we are confronted with are truly shortsighted. The need for comfort and material wealth seems to be of great interest. As parents providing our children with among the best quality education available seems extremely important. Training the child in other areas such as music, swimming, etc also seems to take the high priority.

While some of these persuits seems rather noble, at this stage of my life I am asking myself are these of utmost importance. When Jesus looks of my book of life is he going to say that he’s proud of me because I have been a good husband and father? Because I’ve provided for the needs of my family? Is he gonna go on to say well done Freddy because you have not only provided for the needs of your family, you have taken another step and provided for their wants?

Well, in my heart of hearts I am rather certain that these things are not gonna make Jesus proud. Even the pagans do all these things. A life without Jesus is a wasted life. I could provide all the needs and even wants of my family but if I don’t impart Jesus to them than it would be a wasted life. I should start focusing on the things of above and on building riches there. These riches that could never be stolen away.

I should be writing more about Jesus in my book of life rather than about myself because it is no longer I who live it is Christ who lives in me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catholi Prayer: Rise & Shine

Thank you Jesus for this glorious morning. Thank you for this new day that you have created. I praise you and glorify you for all the amazing things that you’ve done for me and my family. You are our source of strength. I’m so glad I’m able to depend on you and your faithfulness all the days of my life. I’m glad O Lord that you have given me that the insight to know that living in you and through you is the strongest foundation on which I could live my life by.

Lord Jesus, today I come to you as I am a sinner. I am weak when I try to lead my daily life on my own strength. There are so many temptations all around me and it is so easy to just give in to them. I’m truly weak O Lord. So many times I feel it just throwing in the white flag. To lead the Christian life with my own strength seems impossible. Lord I come to you as I am. And thank you for giving me the knowledge that whatever state that I am in you still love me just as I am. I need your strength O Lord.

Jesus I give you the truth of my heart. Take all this weaknesses that I have and feel it with your strength. I remember the scriptures that say that when I am weak you are strong. Thinking about it while I’ve been constantly using the word strength I’m just starting to realize the power of this simple prayer. The strength of the Lord. I can’t even imagine the magnitude of this simple prayer. Lord I am asking you to fill me with your strength. The strength of that creator of heaven and earth. The strength of the Lord God Almighty. The strength of the Supreme Being. Give me your strength O Lord. Wow… yes. Praise the lord. I am being strengthened at this very moment in your presence.

I surrender my entire self to you. Everything of me Lord I give to you today. Yes O Lord. Take me O Lord and mould me more and more and work your wonders in my life. May your life will be reflected in my life. May my way of thinking and being be entirely yours. So that I could say together with St. Paul that it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.

Thank you Jesus fulfilling me with the Holy Spirit again. Yes Lord continue to fill me now from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Jesus I want to be penetrated by you. Penetrated to the entire fiber of my being. Yes Lord thank you for starting this humble work in me. Praise the Lord.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Catholic Prayer

Praise the mighty name of Jesus. It is with great joy, Jesus that I come into your presence this morning. Today I start the new year in which I reach out to as many people as you put in my path. I dedicate today and the rest of the year into your loving arms. As I reach out to others, grant me the grace to reach out with your love. May every opportunity be an occasion where your love can be made manifest.

May this year be a year of great impact as I depend completely on you. You are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Everything was created by you. You created us and saw it was very good. Only you are good and since we were created in your image and likeness, we were able to reflect your goodness. Father of Goodness, may your goodness in me radiate through out my entire being. Let it shine O Lord and may your Name be exalted through out the nations. On my on strength I am nothing and I believe that with you all things are possible. Jesus, I trust in You.